All of our confectioners will agree on one thing: there’s something a little bit special about Pascall Éclairs. Rolling one around in your mouth, it’s easy to enjoy the luscious caramel cover. But what about that delectable chocolate centre? How long can you last before you give in to temptation and bite into this exquisite treat to release the flowing chocolate?

Available in:

  • 150g
  • Pineapple Lumps
  • Milk Bottles
  • Party Pack
  • Jet Planes
  • Fruit Burst
  • Wine Gums
  • Fruit Jubes
  • Lolly Scramble
  • Minties
  • Eskimos
  • Milk Shakes
  • Eclairs
  • Marshmallows
  • Curiously Strong Mints
  • Mint & Spearmint Imperials


Ever since 1932, Pascall has been bringing New Zealanders some of their favourite lollies. From Pineapple Lumps to Jet Planes, Marshmallows to Minties and a whole lot more!

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